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Herbal Medicine, What's That?

Posted by earthygirl81 on December 15, 2018 at 11:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Herbal Medicine, What's That?

Today lots of words and information get thrown around in the healing world. My hopes for this blog is to share what I really do as a Herbalist. I hope to help you gain clarity and answer common questions I get asked as a Herbalist and also my personal approach to healing.

What is a Herbal Medicine?

Common names this field gets called is Herbology, Herbalism, Herbal Medicine, Plant Medicine, and Botanical Medicine. A Herbalist is trained in Herbal Medicine meaning they study and/or practice in the medicinal and therapeutic use of plants and botanicals as a means of alternative medicine. Essentially what this means is that a Herbalist is educated and trained to use what grows from the earth to heal our bodies. Herbalist are trained in several different views from, but not limited to, Western Herbalism/ Folk Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Ayurvedic Medicine. This includes our foods and actually are the most important aspect of what I personally focus on. Herbalist also use other modalities depending on their personal trainings.

How long have plants been used for healing?

The use of plants for healing is the oldest form of medicine. The Ancient wisdom of plant medicine has been passed down through many cultures. This is scared healing wisdom of how the Divine intended for us to heal ourselves. Many of today's pharmaceuticals have been originally derived from plants. For example, aspirin was originally created by isolating the constitution salicylic acid found in the herb Meadowsweet. The problem here is that this leaves out many of the other healing constitutions of that plant that are meant to work synergistically together with your body for healing.

What do you do?

I educate, educate, educate. The herbal work I do is primarily food based education and healing as I see that nutrition can be a huge factor of the underlying issues manifesting in the mind and body. The foods we eat possess energy and can shift our minds and moods. My view is Holistic and based on the energetics of you and the foods and/or herbs I suggest for your body, mind, & spirit. What I do is at its core energy healing. I recommend food, other modalities, & herbs as needed to bring the disharmonies and dis-eases (by dis-eases I mean a body not at ease) of your body back into balance. I am not physician and do not treat or cure any diseases or diagnosis.

I walk with you making nutritional, supplemental, and lifestyle recommendations specifically created for you. Each body is different and I treat them as such. This is meant to help you see what needs you really have to care and heal yourself.

Your body holds the trauma and always wins. Meaning I have a Holistic view of the mind and body. I look at the connections between the manifestations in your body and how this relates to mind and spirit, it is all connected as you are a spirit with a mind in a body. These are not separate in and of themselves so I can’t treat them as such. I may use other modalities such as: cupping, moxi, ear seeding, reiki, aromatherapy, and so on during sessions. The training I received was specifically in TCM, Western Herbalism, and Ayurvedic Medicine.

What do you not do?

I do not have a miracle cure or magic herb or pill to heal you. I am not a doctor and do not claim to heal or cure any disorders or diseases. I do not have formulas that are standard for everyone to use. This depends on your personal constitution and the constitution of the plant(s) an formula(s) needed.

So you use pot/cbd in your practice right?

No, I do not and nor am I against it. Though there are several practitioners who utilize the healing power of Cannabidiol in practice.

What can herbal medicine help with?

The list is endless really.

Here are some common issues that I work with:

Digestive issues- diarrhea, constipation, IBS symptoms






General Pain

Back Pain



Preventative and Strength Building

And much more...

*Note~Some clients only need short term use of herbs and can maintain with food and lifestyle changes. Other clients may need to adjust or continue formulas. This really depends on a few things such as your willingness to follow the recommendations provided. In order for healing to happen doing your part is key.

Is herbal medicine the right approach for me?

I view this as the medicine the Divine/Source provided for use for healing our bodies. So at the heart of it I think yes, yes it is. However, this is really a question you need to ask yourself. If you are in search of a ‘fix it’ pill or a quick easy solution then this method of healing is not for you. This is a different way of viewing medicine. Its slower, more gentle, and about getting in tune with yourself. It has works on the underlying root of your issue as this is where the true healing happens. You did not get to where you are in one day so healing takes time and comes in layers. 

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Spring- Wood Element & Energy

Posted by earthygirl81 on March 21, 2018 at 10:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Welcome Spring!

We have all missed you and have been awaiting your promise of new seedlings and sprouts of growth. With the spring equinox yesterday, March 20th, I was surprised to see inches of snow piled up on my car and on the grass this morning. No worries, we are well on our way to greener days. Speaking of greener days, did you know that green is the color of the Wood Element as we start to see green come alive all around us during Spring.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM, we look to nature to guide our rhythms, diet, and lifestyle. As we are transiting from winter, the Water Element which is connected to our Kidneys, we step in the powerful energy of the Wood Element corresponding to the Liver and the Gallbladder Organs. This is the element that springs forth the energy for seedlings to burst through the ground after winters hibernation. The seeds were long planted like us during winter, as we went inside to nourish, recharge, and restore ourselves. I know I could feel myself ready to reconnect and come out this past week in a desire for spring energy in my life.

Transitioning from one season to another often causes imbalances for many of us. Especially moving into Spring which can flare up allergies for many people, the eyes are connected to the Liver Organ. Taking care of your body during this time and adjusting to the seasons rhythm can help.

First, let's talk briefly about how the Wood Element Energy feels and shows up for us. Wood energy needs to grow and move, our Liver and Gallbladder Organs are all about movement and the flow of our Qi in our bodies. Qi, in simple terms, is the vital life force, prana, and energy in each of us. The Liver makes sure this energy is moving smoothly in our bodies. When the Wood Element is in balance we are motivated and able to plan and move towards our goals. When out of balance or stagnated one can may feel stuck, depressed, angry, or frustrated.

Now, how do you bring balance to your life this Spring:

• Get Creative!!- Making art and music are wonderful outlets for healing and spring is the perfect time to do so. Wood energy loves movement (remember the Liver control the flow of Qi) so creating is a perfect healing tool. Try a painting or pottery class, learn to play an instrument, sing, or make Earth Art to help your Qi flow! Journaling is a great outlet and way to connect with yourself. Spice up your journal and create an Art Journal.

• Move Your Body- Exercise and movement are a great way to break through the ground of Winter Energy and Spring forward. Getting outside for a walk, hike, or to kayak so you can also connect you with nature. Yoga, dance, riding a bike, cleaning, tai chi, or joining a gym are also great ways to move your body. Movement will also help lower the increasing frustration levels with this Wood Energy.

• Eat Fresh- As its getting warmer outside we can start to add in fresh greens such as dandelion and chickweeds. Sour is the flavor of Wood so adding lemon to your morning water will help you detox your Liver. Olive oil & Vinegar dressing, pickles, fermented foods, and all greens are wonderful additions this Spring.

• Sleep- Get to bed by 11pm every night. The times of the Liver and Gallbladder Organs in TCM are 11pm-3am and is an important time to detox your body.

• Be Flexible- Just like the trees bend and sway with the wind, be flexible in your home and work lives. This can help lower stress and anxiety levels. Remember if a tree doesn't bend it breaks. Wood Element rules the muscles and ligaments of the body as many of us hold tense in our muscles, do yoga to increase flexibility. This flexibility is both mental and physical so practicing it on and off your mat is vital.

• Spiritual Practice- Try mediation, prayer, connecting with nature, or your personal religious practice. Even just 5-10 minutes a day of mediating and focusing on your breath can help you slow down, focus, and be more mindful.

• Herbal Support- Help the movement of Qi along with herbal & supplement support. You can find these herbs in tincture, tea, or capsule forms.

  • Rose Petals- Warming, PMS and Depression.

  • Albizzia- Neutral, anxiety, depression, and anger. We call this the happiness bark.

  • St. Johns Wort- Depression with anger, sciatica/nerve pain, and irritability

  • Peppermint- Cooling, Moves Qi, and helps with colds and flus.


  • Chrysanthemums- Cooling, great for dry/ red/ irritated eyes, anger, and irritability.

  • Lemon Balm- Cooling, colds/flus, depression, anxiety, colic, teething, irritable.

  • Orange Peel - Warming, indigestion, gas, loose stool, nausea, vomiting, lack of appetite.

  • Liver supportive/detoxing herbs- dandelion root, milk thistle, and burdock root.

  • Magnesium powder is wonderful for insomnia, stress, and muscle aches.

Always consult with a Herbalist or Health Care Professional before starting any herbal medications or supplements.

Burst through the ground strong this Spring!


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