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Spring Forward with Grace & Ease

Posted by earthygirl81 on March 20, 2019 at 2:50 PM

Welcome First Day of Spring!!

Spring is the time for growth, movement, and coming back out into the world. We unfreeze from the stillness of the Winter Season- Kidney Organ & Water Element ready to Spring forward. For this blog entry I hope to provide some helpful suggestions for the Seasons start and how to bring balance into it this year.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM, they look at the rhythms of nature and its cycles on how we should live, eat, and move through our lives. This observation of nature applied to daily living is True/Pure Wisdom of how the Divine/God/Universe intended for us to function.

As today is the first day of Spring lets take a look at the Liver & Gallbladder Organs and the Element of Wood as these rule the Spring season. The Liver is the Organ in the body that is in charge of the movement of Qi/Prana, which is the life force energy in the body. When this flow of energy gets disrupted imbalances can occur such as: feeling stuck, irritability, stiff neck and shoulders, PMS, alternating bowels (IBS like symptoms), gas, bloating, hormone issues, depression, anger, and so on.

A pathogenic influence to be mindful of as we enter into Spring is Wind, which is ruled by the Wood element, think of trees getting knocked over by storms/Wind. The Liver dislikes the Windy Climate and this is often increased in the season of Spring in most areas. Wind can create issues for many of us & manifest as colds, seasonal allergies, headaches, stiffness in neck, feeling dizzy, vertigo, off balance/bummping into things, itchy skin conditions, and tics (you know those pesky eye & muscle twitches, yep thats wind).  In Ayurvedic healing traditions this would be excess Vata Dosha that needs to be pacified/decreased. If these are affecting you consult a Certified Herbalist or Holistic Health Practitioner for guidance on getting back into balance.

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Our dietary needs are shifting during this time as well as we start to transition from our winter diets of root veggies, warming foods, and soups to the lighter foods of Spring. Below are suggesting on foods to eat this season to support your Liver.

Suggestions for Mind, Body, Spirit for this Springs Season and bringing it in with Grace & Ease:


  • Eat these Yums~ Greens of all kinds- dandelion, collard, kale, mustard, turnips, beets, lemons, lemon, asparagus, squash, artichokes, parsnips, black beans, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, black beans, aduki beans, eggplant, papayas, apples, seaweed, bitter melon, cabbage, spinach, broccoli, banana, oranges, grapefruit, apple cider vinegar as dressing and flavoring, lettuce, bok choy, hummus, celery, burdock root, whole grains- millet, brown rice, buckwheat, quinoa, legumes & lentils.

  • Local honey for allergies (remember to get the one harvested during the Spring season)

  • If your prone to Liver Imbalance symptoms then limit the following foods: spicy foods, large amounts of raw foods and smoothies, fried and fatty foods/fast food, nuts and nut butters (large amounts can stagnant liver), too many avocados, cheese, dairy, coffee, sugar, cokes/sodas (these are full of sugar), caffeinated foods and drinks, iced drinks and cold foods, sugar, soy products, lamb, beef, fried foods, turkey, drugs and stimulates.

  • Teas~ Peppermint, Rose Petals, Chamomile

  • Essential Oils~ Peppermint, Rose, Eucalyptus, Chamomile, Rosemary, Camphor. Lemon

  • Movement 30-60 minutes daily is ideal. yoga, walks in nature, gardening, dance, kayaking/canoeing, biking, tai chi, or whatever you enjoy

  • Get a massage or do a self-massage with warm Sesame Oil (your feet would love some attention)


  • More green time and less screen time ~ The color of the Wood Element is Green, can you see why? IF not, get outside and look around

  • Play, Create, & Express~ The Liver needs expression and creativity to have a nice smooth flow of Qi. These are great outlets for anger, depression, and feelings of depression.

  • Acupuncture

  • Take a Vacation

  • Journal

  • Focus on Goals & new projects- Now is the time for action and movement


  • Start a Gratitude daily practice

  • Practice Meditation, prayer, & other spiritual practices daily

  • Reiki/Energy Healing

  • Journal

  • Let go of past hurts & anger

  • Use appropriate crystals to help bring in balance and healing

As Spring is the season of the seedlings to burst through the ground so must we.

With Gratitude,


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