Choices~Documentary Choices~Documentary Locally Grown 162490516 All These Damn Calories 162490477 Zen Instead This is about the daily choices we all have to make about are health including what we eat and whether we decide to sit on the couch and be lazy or get to moving. This shot represents motion and the decision to fight and be stronger through choices. 162490515 Everyday Life 162490475 America's Family Night The colorful and bright enticement of the impersonal unhealthy exchange that sadly represents an America family night. The American flag in the background, the enlarged size happy meal, and the car in the drive thru convey this idea clearly. 162490476 Ironic Uh This is a more personal exchange of money and a healthy place to by food, but clearly see the influence of the ever popular restaurant taking its hold on our farmers as well. 162490514